The workABLE Platform is an open ICT platform designed with the purpose of modelling a learning community for supporting adult educators professional upgrade in the field of supporting the employment of PMD. It will be an educational tool with its training material but also a tool for tutoring and training the learners for training-on-the-job purposes. Therefore this educational support will provide adult educators with a tool that will allow them to have access to- processes of collaborative learning and continuous training built starting from didactic material developed by participating organisations;- an ICT system supporting the management of the work process defined by the partners’ trainers with respect to the guidance of the PMD in the field of supported employment. The principal elements of innovation will be the use of the game based approach for the construction of motivational levers aimed at- continuous improvement of the developed educational action;- support of the on-the-job training of the job coach during his/her actual work with the PMD in a job coaching process;- construction of an international community of experts able to share the training experience on job coaching in Europe. The workABLE Platform, being based on the principle of on-the-job training and the practice community, has a wide transferability to all training contexts in which it is necessary to train a professional figure or in which the learning of theoretical principles and the need to apply them in the real case go hand in hand.

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