On 14th December 2021 the intellectual outputs of the workABLE project, Handbook, Platform and App, will be presented in Volla (Italy) at the lead partner Villa delle Ginestre.  First of all, a presentation of the national context on cognitive disability is planned, followed by a presentation of the workABLE project. Both Platform & App will be presented by the project technical partner Grifo Multimedia through the realisation of a Demo of the functioning of the Platform, what it offers in terms of opportunities for the registered participants and its potentials. It will be a video-based demo using available software for video-making and software capturing. Furthermore, the WorkABLE Handbook will also be presented as a result of research and analysis conducted during the project in the field of Job Coaching and Individual Placement and Support (IPS) for Persons with Mental Disabilities (PMD). The Handbook is based on the four partner countries (Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia, Romania) findings after research, and shapes national contexts of PMD job coaching, methodologies and case studies. Finally, the Multiplier Event in Volla will close with the sharing among participants national practices and case studies concerning job support for people with cognitive disabilities.